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  USACE Running Out of Funds to Continue Critical Dredging Operations
  Dems See Opening on Economy 08/23 06:21
  US, Taliban Resume Talks 08/23 06:28
  NKorea FM: Pompeo is 'Poisonous Plant' 08/23 06:17
  Putin Orders Symmetric Missile Measures08/23 06:24
  US Officials: Israel Strike its Iraq 08/23 06:27
  Sanders Touts $16T Climate Plan 08/23 06:20
  Yemen Gov't Forces Rout Separatists 08/23 06:23
  Global Stocks Rise Ahead of Fed Speech 08/23 06:15
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@C9U 358'0 -5'2
@S9U 849'4 -6'4
@W9U 465'0 -2'2
@O9U 262'4 -2'6
MSFT 136.550000 - 1.230000
WMT 111.160000 - 0.750000
XOM 68.930000 -0.640000

County LDP
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Local Cash Bids
See-Mor Grain   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Corn      Chart AUG-19      
       Chart SEPT-19      
       Chart OCT-19      
       Chart NOV-19      
       Chart DEC-19      
       Chart JAN-20      
       Chart FEB-20      
       Chart MARCH-20      
       Chart OCT/NOV-20      
  Soybeans      Chart AUG-19      
       Chart SEPT-19      
       Chart OCT-19      
       Chart NOV-19      
Badger State Ethanol   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Corn      Chart AUG -19      
       Chart SEPT-19      
Warren   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Gavilon Warren      Chart AUG -19      
       Chart SEPT- 19      
Price as of 08/23/19 09:08AM CDT.
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